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Agaille's guide to Clicksaver
(Clicksaver for newcomers - A complete guide on how to get Clicksaver up and running)

Before you go ahead and download Clicksaver from whatever link gets served to you by your favorite search engine then please let me fill you in on a little word of advise here:

Please note that these days you should indeed be very cautious about using third party programs in conjunction with any game, since the majority of the newer third party programs are nothing more than a key logger/spyware program designed to steal your login name and password, so that the thief can strip you naked of all your credits, equipment and whatever else the offender pleases to do with your account while you are offline!

Basically what I am trying to tell you is this:

  • I recommend everyone to be highly skeptical and vigilant when it comes to downloading and executing third party software especially when this software is supposed to aid you when playing a game. This advise applies to all games in general as well as to all third party programs in general!
  • However Clicksaver is an old school program created back in the days by old school programmers, that knew what they were doing, and they did it with integrity and out of honesty.
  • Clicksaver binaries + source code is currently maintained by Halorn, who has taken over as maintainer of Clicksaver. If in doubt I encourage you to trust neither me nor Halorn but to verify the software for yourself by looking at the source code, which can be obtained from the current official Clicksaver website.
  • Never download or execute a copy of Clicksaver that you have obtained elsewhere other than from this website or from Halorn!

You can click here to visit Halorn's website and have a look around. Halorn has created various other third party programs to use in conjunction with Anarchy Online and perhaps you might find them useful as well. Please note that Halorn has put his source code up for display for every kind of software that he offers, which in my book is a trademark of honesty.

  • The Clicksaver download from this website differs from the official download from Halorn's Clicksaver website in the fact that I have chosen to create my own RAR & ZIP file, that has a slightly better compression as well as offering a self-extracting archive that doesn't need any kind of decompressor program in order to execute.
  • The self-extracting archive as well as the RAR-file are compressed with additional security mechanisms such as authenticity verification, disaster recovery record as well as a backup of NTFS file security & streams. Downloading these archives is therefore recommended since they include features that are not possible in the ZIP format.
  • Furthermore the downloads from this website include the settings file with my recommended settings of Clicksaver. Harlorn's downloads don't carry any settings file.


You can download your copy of Clicksaver here (version 2.3.2):
These downloads have been scanned for possible computer viruses by Clam Antivirus

Clicking on the WinRAR self-extracting archive will bring up the following window:


Screenshot of WinRAR


Default WinRAR destination folder is to unpack Clicksaver in the same directory as the WinRAR self-extracting archive itself is residing.

However in the above example I have chosen to redirect the destination folder to "Program Files"
(Note: This folder name will have a different name on other language localizations of Windows)

If unsure what to do you can always click "Install" and have WinRAR unpack Clicksaver to whatever location you have stored the WinRAR self-extracting archive.

The WinRAR self-extracting archive will create a sub folder called "Clicksaver 2.3.1" which you can now manually move to whatever location you desire, including the "Program Files" folder.

Next you need to enter the unpacked Clicksaver folder and locate the "ClickSaver.exe" file.
(Note: Depending on your Windows setup this file will sometimes only present itself as "ClickSaver")

For easy access you may right-click on the file and choose to have a shortcut created on your desktop. Otherwise you may start up Clicksaver by double clicking on the "ClickSaver.exe" file

Congratulations.. you have now installed Clicksaver :-)

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