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Agaille's guide to Clicksaver
(Clicksaver for newcomers - A complete guide on how to get Clicksaver up and running) Screenshot

Now we have Clicksaver up and running and it is time to find items that we want to blitz for.

On the Internet there are different websites that carry an online search function into the Anarchy Online Items Database but the 2 most significant ones that I would like to point out are:

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The 2 websites are much alike and both provide us with an ability to search for every possible item available in the game.

For blitzing purposes however please note, that there is a limit to what can be blitzed. You can't blitz the following items:

  • Shadowlands specific items.
  • Alien Invasion specific items.
  • Rubi-Ka quest related items.
  • Certain Rubi-Ka tradeskill items.
  • Dyna Boss loot reward.
  • Various Rubi-Ka items that can only be found as loot on monsters/chests/team mission bosses etc.
  • Towershop items.
Anarchy Mainframe Screenshot
Clicksaver for Instinctive Control

Having said that there is still a world left of items to be blitzed. Most popular blitz targets are:

  • Nano crystals (mandatory after a certain level depending on your twinkage)
  • Implants & Clusters (mandatory above QL 100)
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Various bonus gadgets (that increase your skills etc)

Let us say, that we would like to get our hands on Doctor nano crystal called "Instinctive Control" which is a Doctor buff that can boost the Nano init skill of the target by extra 85 points.

From the above link we can see that Instinctive Control is a QL 90 nano crystal. Remember the QL of that nano crystal because it will be important later on.

Search string to be entered in Clicksaver (copy/paste from

Nano Crystal (Instinctive Control)

Warning: If we only entered in example "Control" as search string that would produce an abundance of false hits. Accuracy as well as correct spelling is vital here so be warned!

After having entered the search string into Clicksaver it is time to start up Anarchy Online as well. Minimize Clicksaver but leave it running and remember to start Anarchy Online in windowed mode.

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