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Agaille's guide to Clicksaver
(Clicksaver for newcomers - A complete guide on how to get Clicksaver up and running)

Time to do a status update:

  • Clicksaver is now installed, configured and running in the background (minimized to the windows taskbar)
  • We have found our item that we want to blitz "Nano Crystal (Instinctive Control)" and entered that as a search string into the "Items" tab
  • We have opened Anarchy Online in windowed mode and we are inside the game
  • We have verified, that the level 75 character pulling the missions is also capable of pulling a ML 90 mission.

What are we doing next?

  • We are going to manually activate a single player mission terminal and set up all the various slider bars in the "Pull Missions" window as well as fine tune the Easy/Hard slider bar to match pulling level 90 missions.
  • Then we will attempt to start up Clicksaver and move the "Pull Missions" window around so that the coordinate that Clicksaver will send the mouse cursor to will actually have a "Request Mission" button under it from the "Pull Missions" window.

What are we waiting for? Let us get started!

First time - step 1

On the above image I have manually opened a "Pull Missions" window from a mission terminal.
As mentioned on the Setup & Configuration page this is the slider bar setup that most people traditionally are using when clicksaving so I have chosen to go with those settings as well, but please feel free to set up the sliders anyway you want.
Please note that I haven't touched the Easy/Hard slider bar yet.

First time - step 2

Now I have made an adjustment to the Easy/Hard slider bar and manually pressed the "Request Missions" button.
Lord and behold... after I have pressed the button, Clicksaver popped up from being minimized in the taskbar and gave me information about the different missions (and if that doesn't happen then you can bring up Clicksaver by ALT+TAB'ing your way to the Clicksaver program which is why we opened Anarchy Online in windowed mode in the first place)
I will only concentrate on the item reward QL output right now, so I continue with fine-tuning the Easy/Hard slider bar and manually press the "Request Missions" button until I am satisfied with the item reward QL output (my goal is QL 90, remember?)
If you experience minor variations in the QL output from pull to pull without having made any Easy/Hard adjustment then relax. It is not a bug... It is a feature... the very same feature that will give you a chance to pull for an item reward QL that might not be a perfect match to your given level at the time of blitzing, and as the above example shows I am given a single QL 87 item reward on the basis of a ML 90 mission setting.

First time - step 3

Now I pressed the "Start buying agent" button within Clicksaver to see where Clicksaver would send my mouse cursor. The goal is to have the mouse cursor on top of the "Request Missions" button and as you can see on the picture the cursor is way off.
Since i can't manipulate how Clicksaver emulates my mouse I have two choices:

  • I can re-position my "Pull Missions" window to match the mouse destination coordinate.
  • I can simply drag my mouse cursor down to the "Request Missions" button and click 1 time.

Call me an optimization geek, but this is one of those details that in my mind is the difference between good & brilliant. I don't want to manually do the last bit of calibration every single time i need to clicksave for something by readjusting my mouse cursor. I therefore option to re-position the "Pull Missions" window.

First time - step 4

Now I have re-positioned the "Pull Missions" window so that the mouse cursor destination coordinate and the "Request Missions" button coordinate is the same. Guess what? Now I am fully & automatically clicksaving away.

Just remember this: Clicksaver is emulating that you yourself is moving your mouse about, so while Clicksaver is running you can not manually use your mouse to do other things as well.

The world will not come to an end if you do, and should your mouse have been let astray then you can simply bring the whole process back on track by manually moving the cursor back on top of the "Request Missions" button and press 1 time just like you would do in the first place if you have chosen not to re-position the "Pull Missions" window.

First time - step 5


After a while (depending on lucky I am) I get the above message from Clicksaver. Click on the "OK" button and the following screenshot appears:


First time - step 6


Clicksaver has identified that the fourth available mission (Return Item mission) has a mission reward that matches my search criteria. All I need now is to select that mission and click on "Accept Mission" and get to Galway County and blitz it...

And that my friend is how Clicksaver works!

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