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Agaille's guide to Clicksaver
(Clicksaver for newcomers - A complete guide on how to get Clicksaver up and running)

Before we continue it is important that we know the different ways that we use the expressions: Level and QL

  • QL = Quality Level. An item has a Quality level. In the example we use a QL 90 Nano Crystal (Instinctive Control) but that does not mean that your character has to be level 90 or higher in order to cast this nano.
    If your character has the "Psychological modifications" skill of 431 or higher & the "Sensory improvement" skill of 389 or higher as well as your profession being a Doctor then you can cast this nano regardless of your level.
  • Level = A character has a given level. Every time you gain a level you will get an amount of IP (Improvement Points) that you can use to raise different skills on your character. In the following example we will make use of a character (demonstration blitzer) with a level of 75.
  • Mission Level = ML. NPCs (Non playing Characters) which includes monsters have a level just like you do. Their level is an indication of their fighting capabilities. A mission level (ML) will refer to the expected level of monsters within the mission give and take a few levels. Very often you will find that the QL of the item reward is the same number as the ML. This however is not always the case, and sometimes you may experience to blitz a mission that has a different ML than the QL of the item reward. The rule of thumb is that the QL of an item reward can vary with +/- 10. This means that it is possible to blitz a QL 80 or a QL 100 item from a level 90 mission provided that you find such a mission. In the vast majority then the ML will coincide with the QL of the item reward.
  • Item reward QL = This is just like normal QL of any other items.

Once inside Anarchy Online it is time to do some further research. As mentioned on the previous page we are searching for a QL 90 nano crystal called "Instinctive Control" and the player that is going to blitz for the nano is a level 75 character.

Fact is that no ML is available to everybody. Any given level character has only access to a specific range of different MLs within the ML spectrum. The task is to find out if a level 75 character has access to pull a level 90 mission, because level 90 missions are most likely to carry a QL 90 item reward.

In other words: We need to ask a bot!

A "bot" is a chat robot that simulates that you talk to a player. You communicate with bots by issuing commands to them and depending on the command they will return an information output to you.

If you are a member of a guild and your guild hosts a bot then chances are that the following commands can be issued to that bot.
If you are not a member of any guild then don't despair yet... Assistance is still only 1 command away.

Inside Anarchy Online there is a publicly available player operated bot called Helpbot.
(player operated = no support from an ARK. Please note that every bot is player operated since bots are not an official Anarchy Online game feature but a third party value added by the players themselves just like Clicksaver)

To issue a command to Helpbot simply send it a /tell.
First I would like some information related to being a level 75 character:

/tell helpbot level 75

Helpbot Level 75

  • Every team member in a level 75 character's team needs to be between level 55 & 104 in order for the level 75 character to get any XP.
  • A level 75 character is able to engage in a PvP fight against any other character between levels 60 & 94
  • A level 75 character needs 443300 XP in order to level up to 76.
  • Available MLs at a mission terminal: 134, 112, 97, 90, 82, 75, 67, 63, 60, 56 & 52

You could also search the other way around. Since we know that we are blitzing for a QL 90 nano crystal we would like to know if that nano crystal is within the ML range of a level 75 character since there is a close relationship between ML and QL on the item reward.

/tell helpbot mission 90

Helpbot Mission 90

  • A level 90 mission is available to players with the following levels: 60, 75, 82, 90, 100, 101, 106, 107, 113, 120, 121 & 129

So, basically what we have verified now is that a QL 90 nano crystal can be blitzed by a level 75 character and I have shown you two different ways to verify that information.

On a side note it is worth mentioning that Helpbot can help you in other situations as well. If you want to know how you should issue the:

/tell helpbot help

...and read more about the different commands.

If you are a member of a guild I recommend that you always use your guild bot and not Helpbot for 2 obvious reasons:

  • Minimizing the stress load on Helpbot.
  • Helpbot only provides you with a very limited set of commands in comparison to the average guild bot. You are better served by getting acquainted with your guild bot in the first place, since it can serve you in ways that Helpbot can not.

Note: This is as far as I will go into the world of bots. The de-facto official website to visit for information on Anarchy Online chat bots (especially for guild bot administrators) is over at HackersQuest's AO forum.


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