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Agaille's guide to Clicksaver
(Clicksaver for newcomers - A complete guide on how to get Clicksaver up and running)

PC Problem

Aha... You have followed my guide to the letter and you still can't get Clicksaver to work...

To be honest there are just as many reasons why Clicksaver will not work as there are adjustable parameters inside Windows and those are simply too numerous for me to list here but I can tell you that the primary reason is the following:

FunCom has released 2 versions of the game available for download:

  • Thin Client (free version)
  • Large Client (full version including all expansion packs)

Apparently the Thin Client doesn't like to play with Clicksaver so here is my recommendation on what to do next:

(1) First thing is to make a backup of the "prefs" directory situated in your Anarchy Online installed game directory

(2) Uninstall Anarchy Online and make sure to delete everything with the exception of the backup copy of the "prefs" directory

(3) Download "AICDdownload.exe" (Large Client Installer) from Anarchy Online's download site and download a fresh copy of the install files.
If you have done so already then fire up the "AICDdownload.exe" anyway and let "AICDdownload.exe" verify that you have the latest version of the install files possible!
Whether or not you have paid for any expansions this is the version that I am recommending to use and it will work with freebie accounts as well.

(4) You may wish to also downloaded the patches required to update AO or you could leave the updating up to AO itself. The "Large Client" uses the EP1 patches!

(5) Execute a program to clean up your windows registration database to make sure that every reference to Anarchy Online is gone and reboot your computer.

(6) AO install time and afterwards you copy/paste the "prefs" directory back to your newly installed Anarchy Online game directory.

(7) The usual stuff about letting Clicksaver extract a new database

This should leave you with a fresh install of the large client whilst preserving your GUI setup etc. I am not saying that this is 100% bullet proof but I am saying that generally Clicksaver and the large client version works well together for the vast majority of people so chances are that the fault is placed at your end and not by Clicksaver.

Also: Make sure that:

  • Your Windows installation has all the latest security updates from
    (Mozilla users may use instead)
  • Your computer is free from viruses
  • Your computer is free from spyware programs
  • Your computer has an updated firewall installed. Don't count on the inbuilt firewall that came with Service Pack 2 for Windows XP... It is simply not adequate!

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