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Agaille's guide to Clicksaver
(Clicksaver for newcomers - A complete guide on how to get Clicksaver up and running)

Before you proceed please make sure that Anarchy Online has been closed down otherwise the following will not work!

Default behavior of the AO installer is to install Anarchy Online into "C:\Program Files\Funcom\Anarchy Online" but due to localization issues where "Program Files" is likely called something else, makes this fact impossible for me to guess in advance, what it might be called on your particular computer, which is why I have chosen not to guess at all but leave it up to you to fill in that last information to Clicksaver.

Basically what Clicksaver is asking you is this: Where do I find the Anarchy Online executable file called "Anarchy.exe"

There are 2 ways to find this information:

  • You most likely have a shortcut icon to Anarchy Online situated on your desktop. That icon will actually refer to "Anarchy.exe" so if you right-click on the icon and choose "Properties" the correct directory path will reveal itself to you.
  • Click on the Start button situated in your taskbar and chose to perform a search. Now simply search for a file called "Anarchy.exe"

Once the Anarchy Online directory path situation has been taken care of, it is time for yet another error message saying that "The local AO items database is missing or outdated"

Missing AO items database

This is because Clicksaver was downloaded without the Anarchy Online Items Database and thank heavens for that because the database itself takes up an astonishing +78 Mb, which would have made the download take much longer.

Now we simply click on the "Continue" button and wait while the local database is being created. Please be patient since this process can easily take up to 5 min to complete.

Creating local database


Every time FunCom issues a new patch to Anarchy Online the database usually gets updated as well, so expect from Clicksaver to need extracting an updated database accordingly.

After Clicksaver has finished creating the database the animated picture below is what you can expect to see:


Clicksaver GUI Slideshow


The animation shows all the different tabs along with my recommended configuration for Clicksaver.

  • If you have downloaded your copy of Clicksaver from this website, then Clicksaver already comes with my recommended settings.
  • If you have downloaded your copy of Clicksaver from Halorn's website, then you must verify that your local configuration matches the one shown on the animation above and change if needed.
  • Alternatively you can download the settings file and import them under the "Options" tab by pressing the "Import Settings" button.
  • If you have downloaded your copy of Clicksaver from any other source, then I recommend that you delete it and download a fresh, clean & untampered copy from this website or from Halorn's Clicksaver website.
You can download your Clicksaver settings file here:
These downloads have been scanned for possible computer viruses by Clam Antivirus

This tab will display detailed information behind any given mission that you may have pulled. Use this tab to localize what mission that triggered Clicksaver to stop its search. Furthermore you can specify how many missions that Clicksaver should try to pull before giving up. Feel free to change the 1000 pulls to something else if you experience problems, or you are pulling a QL that is difficult to target. This tab will be your main work tool along with the "Items" tab

The "Items" tab is where we insert the name of the item that we wish to search out a mission for. Multiple items can be added at the same time and the search will react to any given item match. Don't use the "Items" tab and the "Locations" tab in the same search. This tab will be your main work tool along with the "Missions" tab.

If you wish to search for any given mission that is located in a certain area, then use this tab to insert the area name. Although it is tempting to insert your own neighborhood into location so you won't have to travel so far, this however is not recommended. Don't use the "Items" tab and the "Locations" tab in the same search.

With the exception of "Kill Person" mission then all other mission types are blitzable. That is why the "Kill Person" button is OFF. Often you are blitzing missions at a QL (QL = Quality Level) far above your own level and any need to stop up and kill someone will mean your certain death which is pointless!
Please note that the "Return Items" mission gives a double chance of a search match because whatever item you are blitzing for may very well be the item that you are supposed to return in the first place.
In that case you can simply carry out the mission and delete the mission again once you have picked up the item to be returned.

Note: In extremely rare occasions I have experienced that a given item would only be given as a mission reward in a "Kill Person" mission. If it is absolutely impossible for you to avoid a "Kill Person" mission here is what you should do:

  • Make sure you are friends with a one or several high level players that can do the killing for you.
  • Try to copy the mission key with a Mission Key Duplicator which can be bought in any general shop and give your high level friends a copy of the mission key so that they can follow you into the mission.
  • If duplicating the key fails then make sure that one of your high level friends is an Engineer. Trade your mission key to the Engineer, let the Engineer enter the mission and let him/her Beacon Warp your team inside the mission room.

This tab is the result of an attempt to enable Clicksaver to search out missions based on the anticipated sales value of an item reward.
The "Buy Mod" input field represents a sales price modifier where selling in a clan shop will yield the least beneficial modifier and selling in a Trader shop terminal (not related to AI player shops) will yield the most beneficial modifier. Only Traders have access to the Trader shop terminals!

Please note that your Computer Literacy skill also influences the final sales price which is not entered into Clicksaver which is why I am labeling this as an "attempt" and not as a "working function".

It is still unclear what exactly the "Single Item" & "Total Value" input fields are supposed to do and what kind of syntax rules that applies to the input.

My recommendation is this: Leave this tab alone - It it irrelevant to blitzing for a specific item anyway, and will hopefully disappear in an updated version of Clicksaver!

On a side note I would like to refer to the "Sell Item Calculator" integrated on the search result pages at Anarchy Mainframe
There you can enter your Computer Literacy and your anticipated shop terminal and a sales price will be calculated for the item that you have made a search on.

Clicksaver has the ability to setup your slider bars as well but personally I prefer to do this manually since it is less hassle.
Below is a slider bar settings setup that traditionally has been used when blitzing although any given slider bar setting can be used:

  • Easy/Hard: (Adjust accordingly so you pull desired QL of the missions/item)
  • Good/Bad: (Adjust to 100% Bad)
  • Order/Chaos: (50% = Default)
  • Open/Hidden: (50% = Default)
  • Physical/Mysterious: (50% = Default)
  • Head On/Stealth: (50% = Default)
  • Money/XP: (Adjust to 100% Money)

For information regarding slider bar settings in general you should read this thread at the Anarchy Online Bulletin Board.

This tab controls some of the more "behind the scenes" oriented settings. The name of the buttons should speak for themselves and if in any doubt then simply copy the shown settings in the animation. Often a failure to get Clicksaver to work will be caused by a given setting on this tab.

Another often mistake that users do is to activate "Match in Buying Agent " on both the "Items" tab as well as the "Locations" tab in the hope that they can limit the blitzing to their own neighborhood and thus don't have to travel anywhere.

I got a newsflash for you: That is not going to happen.You simply have to go travel to which ever location the game sends you to.

Make a choice: Either you clicksave for locations or you clicksave for items. Do not attempt to do both and since this guide is about clicksaving for items, that is how I have configured Clicksaver.

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