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Agaille's guide to Clicksaver
(Clicksaver for newcomers - A complete guide on how to get Clicksaver up and running)

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As mentioned in the introduction any existing documentation about Clicksaver is either offline, outdated or simply non existent, which is why i wrote this guide.

Due to various reasons I don't play Anarchy Online on a regular basis so don't count on me being available in-game to provide support for Clicksaver although I do try to keep an eye on things in order to have this guide as relevant and updated as possible.

However all hopes are not lost. I recommend that you do the following:

  • Take a break to clear your thoughts. Chances are that you have missed a small piece of information on this guide that in your case is making the difference between success and failure. After the break then read this guide again with fresh eyes and try to catch what you might have missed.
  • Ask someone who is already running Clicksaver. Those are usually found camping mission terminals.
  • Ask your friends, guild mates, team mates or whoever crosses your path.
  • This guide has it's own thread at the Anarchy Online Bulletin Board. Chances are that you are not the first person on Rubi-Ka to encounter that particular problem that you are struggling with. This thread will probably hold the key to your answer and will in any case be a great place to ask questions as well.

If for some reason you want to contact me due to the fact that my guide has become obsolete or whatever then you can reach me here:

You can reach me here

- Agaille

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