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Agaille's guide to Clicksaver
(Clicksaver for newcomers - A complete guide on how to get Clicksaver up and running)

Tips & Tricks

Now we have gotten so far that we can actually do some blitzing.
This page will deal with Tips & Tricks on what skills that might be beneficial for you when you blitz a mission:

No matter what you might have been told, the truth is that every profession is able to blitz a mission to some degree, but every single profession may need to deploy a unique blitz strategy if they want to succeed in blitzing anything at all.


Key features that are essential to blitzers are:

  • Evades. Get as many and as high evades as possible.
  • Nano Resist. Nothing is as frustrating as being rooted in the middle of it all having a whole train of aggroed red mobs on your back.
  • Body Development = Life!
  • Run speed, run speed, run speed, run speed, run speed... did I forget to mention run speed?
  • Protective AC.
  • Turn off the "auto attack monster" and while you are at it turn off the "auto attack player" as well so you will not get tricked into being PvP enabled against your will!

How to set up your DEF/AGG slider bar:

  • Move your DEF/AGG slider bar to full DEF.
  • Try to cast all your vital nanos you might be using when blitzing and notice if you can cast them with or without any delay.
  • Adjust accordingly towards AGG until you can cast your nanos without delays thus preserving you with as much DEF as possible.

A blitzer does not make use of any weapons or attack nanos, but key blitz aid nano crystals are:

  • Various buffs that enhance as many points on the above list.
  • Healing nanos and HoTs.
  • Root, Calm, Snare & Blinds.
  • If you are an agent then you can sneak your way around the mission layout.
  • Possibility to grid out as means of escape. (if you are rooted that may very well be the difference between survival and the resurrection penalty)

Skills that are nice to have:

  • Various Map Reader upgrades installed since it will provide you with an edge when analyzing the mission layout as well as navigating your way through the mission.
  • Trap & Disarm skill to open up those pesky locked doors (use in combination with a Lock Pick which can be bought en any general store).
  • High treatment makes it possible to utilize high level stim packs.
  • Every respectable blitzer has a Yalmaha!

Statistically the mission objective will in the vast majority of the cases be situated in a large room near one of the corners on the mission map.

It would be fair to expect that you might be forced to visit your local reclaim once in a while when blitzing. Start up with low ML missions compared to your level in order to get some routine under your skin before taking on the higher ML missions.

If you are blitzing for the sake of earning some credits but don't know what to blitz for then you might find some inspiration on the "The Master Blitz List" at the Anarchy Online Bulletin Board.


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